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The body works better when regimented with a healthy diet. However, this depends on someone’s effort to take in what the body needs. Quite often, we find it easy to buy those sweet, packed juices, instead of taking the time to pick the best personal smoothie maker and some healthy ingredients.  While the juices are filled with chemicals, they are what most people opt for.

Surprisingly, we can make a higher quality of that mouthwatering drink in our kitchens. We can smash vegetables, protein filled stuff and fruits using cheap, portable and easy to acquire blenders. These mixers are easy to find. They are all over the market and in the search engines. By the sound of their names, they might seem to be so sophisticated but that is not the case. In fact, they are made in the simplest way possible for everyone to be able to operate them.

Nowadays, very efficient and convenient blenders have been developed. The current ones are portable and attractive. They are almost the size of jugs and therefore, they are easy to carry. This means that one can work with them anywhere in the house without being inconvenienced. These appliances also have a small consumption of electricity thus they don’t escalate the electricity bill to unmanageable levels. They are also sold together with mugs that one can use to put the varieties of the blended stuff according to one’s needs. They also take small space and are easy to wash. One can even wash them together with the utensils. The blenders are easy to walk with since they have tight lids thus they can never spill off their content.  There are different types of mixers. They include;

Battery Operated Blenders

There are a few types of battery operated blenders. These are the types that do not always need electric cables to be attached to them for them to operate. Since one can never move around with these cables, it makes it very inconvenient, and that is why the battery operated blenders were introduced.

For example, one may want to go for a trip or a camp and would want to make his salad. Other times, one may want to go to the gym and have something to take. All these places might not be wired with electricity. It does not mean that you won’t enjoy a sweet dessert if you don’t want to cook. It also does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fresh fruits salad. The battery operated blenders are not one-time use devices. They can be recharged anytime when the battery goes down. They use high-quality batteries that keep power for a long time providing more than enough time for the user to make personal smoothies.


  • Easy to use- the personal blenders are not sophisticated machines. They are simple to use with a guide manual that is easy to follow. They, therefore, do not require high skills or knowledge to operate.
  • Affordable- Unlike the other blenders, the battery operated blenders are cheap to acquire. They are sold at a low price and can be obtained by anyone who cannot afford the other sophisticated mixers.
  • High speed- these blenders are made in a way that one does not have to wait for a whole day to get the smoothie ready. Once they are switched on, they operate very fast and can be used when one is in a hurry to make the smoothie that one wants.
  • Portable- the blenders are almost the size of standard jars. They are therefore easy to carry around. This ease helps one to go with them wherever and whenever they are needed. This also means that they occupy a small space and can easily be handled together with the other utensils.
  • They are sold in conjunction with some mugs that one can use to put different types of smoothies according to personal needs. This ensures that one does not have to go on buying cups and incurring an extra cost.
  • Reduced noise- most of the old blenders are noisy but with an advancement in technology, the battery operated ones have reduced noise which makes them more efficient than the others
  • Warrant- the sellers of these blenders give a permit for the customers so that they can’t disadvantage them if the machine is sold while being faulty. It might also have some mechanical problems which would make it break down after a short while. All these faults are catered for by the warrant.


  • They are noisy- like all the other machines these blenders produce noise during their operations.

There are also other personal blenders for smoothies. Here they are, listed below.

GSI Outdoors Vortex Hand Blender

Best Personal Smoothie Maker - Handheld

This is another excellent smoothie maker that is the best for use anytime, anywhere and in any environment. This blender, unlike the others, is so durable thus it can serve one for several years. It is portable and can be carried as one goes for camping, boat riding or anywhere else keeping one healthy all the time. This blender has a hand crank that one uses when making the smoothie.

It is, however, easy to use, and it produces a little smoothie just like the others. It has the double speed that one can make use of, and one has no problem with any of those. It also comes with a table clamp lock that holds it firmly on the table as one works on it. This provides an ease of operation for is, therefore, the best smoothie maker anywhere anytime.


  • Ease of use- unlike the other blenders, the GSI Outdoors Vortex hand mixer is simple to use. No sophisticated techniques are required, and it can be put to use by anyone in the family.
  • Durable- they serve one for a long time hence making them some of the best blenders to acquire. Unless if they have a mechanical problem, they do not disappoint the owner. Infarct they have been classified as some of the most durable smoothie makers.
  • They can be used anywhere under all the environments since they are not subject to inhibiting factors such as lack of electricity, cold or hot climate and other such factors.
  • When one is using them, he can run them at his pace to prevent exhaustion.
  • They have a hand crank that is used to hold them firmly on the table thus even if they are shaken; they cannot easily pour the content inside.
  • Probably the best personal smoothie maker for emergencies without power.


  • They require human labor for operation thus if operated for a long time, and one may get exhausted.

Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick

Best Personal Smoothie Maker - Stick

This is another easy to use and portable blender with a narrow shaft made of stainless steel. It is made in a stick design which makes it very easy to carry and use. They are comfortable to hold but are not as tiny as they seem. They are a bit cumbersome and large for small hands thus one can feel their weight and strength. They can be carried anywhere anytime. They require electricity for operation.

However, one does not always need to attach them to a cable. They last for about twenty minutes with the charge while in use thus one can make better use of them at such a time. Due to their design, they can easily be washed together with the other utensils in the kitchen or anywhere else. They also have a brilliant black color that blends very well with the stainless steel shaft. They also have an on and off button that is thumb controlled making them even easier to use. They are also amazingly affordable and can act on any food. They can also be stuck in bowls and pots of different sizes. Their byproducts are fine unlike the large chunks produced when one uses other types of blenders.


  • They are affordable in that they can easily be acquired and their prices are amazingly low. Everyone in the society who wants to work on their foods and produce the best smoothies ever can easily purchase them.
  • Due to their size and shape, one can blend whatever he wants in the available pots and containers since they can fit comfortably in different types and sizes of containers.
  • They are small and portable and thus can easily be carried around, anywhere anytime without occupying too much space.
  • Their smoothie is excellent due to the fine particles that are produced thus one can evade the embarrassment of large chunks that are generated by the other blenders.
  • They are made of stainless steel that does not rust due to the contact with liquids


  • They are a bit hard to use by someone with small hands since they may be heavy and large in such kind of hands.
  • They require electricity to operate. Hence they can never be used in areas without electricity or an alternative source of power.

Waring TG15 Tailgater Blenders – Best Personal Smoothie Maker

Best Personal Smoothie Maker - Overall

This is another nice to have a blender that makes use of a car cigarette lighter as its source of power. It is easy to use and can make up to six cups of blended juice. It can be carried everywhere thus making it one of the best items that every car owner should own.

It is made of very hard plastic that cannot be broken easily giving it an advantage of increased durability. The machine operates at a single speed, but this does not make it hard to use. It should not be loaded with a lot of foods to avoid rendering it slow in its operations.


  • They are easy to use with a simple source of power. Everyone with a vehicle can, therefore, acquire them and get the most out for them at all time.
  • They can make a lot smoothie within a very short period. Hence they are safe to use since they can cater for the needs of every member of the family at a go.
  • They are portable thus they can be carried to every place that one wants to go so much time as one can access the car’s cigarette lighter.
  • This is probably the best personal smoothie maker on the go.


  • These personal blenders for smoothies can only be used by the car owners since they require the car cigarette lighter as a source of power. Those who cannot access these cigarette lighters can therefore never make use of them.
  • They can only blend a little smoothie each time since overloading them with the foods can make them slow or malfunction.

How to Use Blenders

Blenders are machines that require a precise method of operation. Most of them powered or not employ the same mechanism of action, however, sophisticated they may be. They are made in different shapes and sizes, but this does not increase their operation complexity. The first step is cleaning them to eliminate any dirt that may have accumulated in them. This is a healthy step to take since their output is ingested. Even if they are new, one must take an initiative of cleaning them. They are easy to clean especially the portable smoothie blenders. They only need soap or water and a dishwasher if it is safe to use while washing them. Their base should not be immersed in water to prevent them from spoiling.

Ingredients preparation is the next step. They are sold together with a recipe that one is supposed to follow. If there is no such kind of a guideline, one can contact their manufacturers or even search for the recipes on the website to make a quality smoothie. One should then pour the already prepared ingredients into them. Add water and make sure that it does not overfill to avoid technical problems. Be sure to have the lead close and then press the start button and you are ready to go.

After the blender runs for sometimes, the smoothie is ready for consumption. Most of them have the capability to make it available for the first term, but if the one you own does not produce the quality of the smoothie you wanted, you can still run them for a second round to create an even finer smoothie. Some of them produce a warm or hot smoothie thus one should refrigerate it first before drinking when such a case occurs One should then clean them after use to ensure that they remain in the best condition as desired. The residuals must get eliminated after use.


If you want your blender to serve you for a long time, they should be handled with care as you avoid dropping them or banging them over hard surfaces. The personal blenders for smoothie are good when one possesses them since they contribute so much to one’s health improvement. Most of them have a manual that contains the guidelines for use.

It is so essential for one to follow these instructions since they touch on the safest mechanisms for the blender’s use.  Since these mixers are mostly affordable, people should acquire them and have a taste of the smoothies that long for. Most of the blended foods are always sold, but one can avoid an extra cost by acquiring some of these personal smoothie makers.

One should, therefore, make a choice now and go for the best personal smoothie maker.


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