Battling Roaches in Your Apartment Building


So you woke up in the middle of the night with the munchies. After deciding to ignore your wife’s warning that “you are getting too old to eat anything you want at all times of the night”, you remember that the pizza from last evening is still on the counter beside the refrigerator. You manage to sneak out of bed without waking her, slide out of the bedroom quietly, and make it down the steps without waking the kids. Now that you’re at the bottom of the stairs you are home free, just a few more paces to the kitchen to that delicious last three slices of pepperoni, sausage and cheese on a garlic crust.

   As you are licking your lips you flip on the kitchen light, and your mouth drops open. They had beaten you to the pizza. Not your kids or your wife, but the visitors that you have been trying to get out of your house for a few weeks now…the cockroaches. As you stand there at the kitchen door, your appetite is spoiled when you see a few of them leave the inside of the pizza box. In a few seconds they scurry away, you open the box, and see a few more critters inside on top of the slices.

  Roaches will eat any and everything. But, when you leave food out all over the house, they take that as V.I.P. treatment. The bad part is that they carry so many different diseases, and if you have kids they may get sick from casually touching what the pests crawl over, such as your kitchen counter, the handle on the fridge, or cabinet doors.

   If you live an urban area and/or in an apartment building, then you have probably seen a roach or two. It may not be a big problem in your own residence, but what about the rest of the building? The fact of the matter is that you cannot control what other people do in their homes. There is no way that you can make them be cleaner tenants on a daily basis, and the fact that they may live very close to you might cause their bugs to invade your apartment too. What can you do about it?

   Well, you are already doing one thing correctly, and that is making sure that your own place is tidy. A good habit for the elimination of roaches (or to keep them out of your apartment if you live in a building full of people) is to use boric acid. You can pick it up at almost any local department store, and it is easy to use. Simply go under your kitchen sink and apply it to the back wall, then use it behind your refrigerator. You can use it in your basement as well…any dark areas are good places to put down boric acid.

   Be sure and use boric acid only in places that are not immediately accessible. If you have kids or pets this is a rule that you want to follow precisely, because you don’t want them to accidentally ingest the powdery substance. You will see a decrease in your roach population in your apartment with boric acid, but the best thing to do is be sure that your landlord is calling an experienced exterminator as often as he or she should to spray your building (check your rental agreement and see if they are required to).


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