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  One of the most irritating pests on the planet is bedbugs. Why? Because people never see them coming until they have already been attacked by them. By the time the person knows anything, they are already scratching what they think may be bites from other insects, such as mosquitos. But, the truth of the matter is the parasitic bedbugs have quietly bitten and sucked blood from your body while you were deep in your slumber. They are known to attack in the wee hours of the morning according to experts, but no matter what time they come out the results are always the small, reddish bumps where the host (you) have been bitten.

  There are a few ways you can tell if you may have bedbugs in your mattress. The first and most obvious way is to take a look at your sheets upon awakening in the morning. Bedbugs will leave a series of small blood spots on your bedding. If you notice these stains up near your pillow, inspect the mattress from that area first. Wherever you see the spots, there is a good chance that they are very near that section. But, you will have to work a little to see the bedbugs with your own eyes.

   Sneaky and fast, bedbugs know how to stay out of sight. Still, if you take a close look all around your mattress, there is a chance that a cut or some other opening in it is where they are escaping to before you can get a glance of them. Sometimes, a mattress cover will work in ceasing their activity, but if they are deeply imbedded inside then you may simply have to get a brand new one.

   When the bedbug epidemic began to return to the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s, people were confused as to where they all came from all of a sudden. Out of the blue there were reports of hotels and residences being overran by these very irritating insects, and no one seemed to know how to prevent them from getting into their home or business. Hotel owners had to deal with websites that listed them as bedbug infested lodging facilities (websites that got lots of hits on a daily basis) and homeowners or renters complained to their landlords repeatedly. Is there anything you can do to stop bedbugs from getting in?

   At the outset of the spontaneous bedbug return, many folks began to look at home remedies that could be used against them. One of the most popular ones was the use of isopropyl alcohol. This was not only used to heal up the physical bites that they got from the bugs, but also to clean the areas in the building where they reside. Putting alcohol in a spray bottle and saturating the areas where you spot them (on your mattress, in drawers, etc.) will run them out of there.  

   Natural remedies became increasingly popular, especially the use of lavender. Although many of us enjoy the smell of it, bedbugs cannot stand it! If you spray your bed’s box frame and mattress with lavender oil, the chances drop of them trying to infest those areas. You can do the same with tea tree oil, it has the same effect on them. If you think your clothing has been invaded by bedbugs, wash them in hot water and dry them in very hot heat. Then, call an experienced exterminator to help you to get rid of the pests once and for all.


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