Are The Side Effects of Man-Made Meds Worth Dealing With?


Are The Side Effects of Man-Made Meds Worth Dealing With?

By Limus Woods

   The amount of money that is spent on health care today is steadily rising. This is not only because of citizens who are getting sick, but because of the new choices of medications that have become available over the past several years. To put it plainly, there have been many different types of pills created that are supposed to treat specific conditions in patients that cost a lot of money. But, the American public is so many times into what is the “new thing”, even with something as serious as medication. If they see it on television, then it must be good, right?

   Wrong. These newly created man-made medications not only have lots of painful side effects (ones that make the average person with common sense ask “Is taking that really worth it if I have to deal with those kinds of repercussions?”), but they also are the reason that many Americans feel there is too much money spent on health care today. It is almost as if drugs today are looked at by patients as what is “in style”, and all it takes is a few ads to be put in front of them before they are willing to try the new pills for themselves.

   Yes, I do feel that these new pills that are coming out every year are what make spending on health care in America get out of hand. Many times these folks are not even sure if the medications they see on television for things like depression and anxiety will even work. But, once they get used to using the pills on a regular basis, they run the risk of getting used to them. And, even if there are side effects, the person will continue to use the drug if they have become somewhat dependent on it.



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