Key Components of the Affordable Care Act



Key Components of the Affordable Care Act

By Limus Woods


The types of individuals who are seeking coverage, the benefits and drawbacks, covered and uncovered services, tax subsidies, and the impact on Medicaid and Medicare are important parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Types of Individuals Seeking Coverage

  • One type of individual who will need health care and will be seeking coverage are low- income citizens. This part of the population will benefit greatly from the discounts that are offered by ACA.


  • Another type of individual who will be seeking coverage is the citizen who is in the middle class. Although they are not at the bottom of the list when it comes to income, they will still seek benefits for themselves and their families.


Benefits and Drawbacks of the ACA

  • One of the benefits is the fact that those who have had previous conditions will automatically benefit from the features in the ACA. They won’t have to do anything except get signed up and they are automatically covered under their new insurance.


  • A big drawback was the fact that people who really needed the benefits in the beginning had to wait a few months for them to come into effect. And, sometimes the down payment for low income citizens can be hard to attain for larger plans.


Covered and Uncovered ACA Services

  • Services covered under ACA are the basic ones needed especially for those who did not have coverage before, such as medical attention in emergency rooms. That is much appreciated by the public.


  • Medical Marijuana is not covered in many places, not yet. But, the governing authorities in many states are beginning to come around to getting it added to the benefits in ACA.


ACA Tax Subsidies

  • One of the tax subsidies is premium tax credits. They can be paid to persons insured to lower their monthly premiums.


  • Another subsidy is Medicaid Expansion. With this, the poorest people in the U.S. were now insured where they had to pay out of pocket before.


    The ACA’s Impact on Medicare/Medicaid

  • The main impact on Medicaid is one that effects low-income citizens. Now with ACA they can walk into a hospital with the peace of mind that they can actually afford medical attention.


  • Medicare was affected in that the same group of low-income citizens who had no insurance before, especially the younger children who needed health care, could now attain it more fluidly. The elderly population also benefitted from ACA, and now did not have to choose between food for their homes and the medicine they needed on a daily basis.


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