The Importance of Eating Healthy During your Exercise Routines


Eating healthy is a goal that many Americans are pursuing today. Many individuals realize the importance of eating right and exercising in order to either correct or prevent health problems such as hypertension and diabetes that can become an issue as we get older. Taking care of ourselves in the first place can do a lot to prevent these common, but often fatal diseases, and attacking them with a healthy diet and exercise after they become an issue can lessen the impact they have on your life.

When you add an exercise routine to your life, you want to make sure you are also eating right in order to maximize the benefits of the exercise and to replenish essential minerals and nutrients your body uses as it exercises. The importance of eating healthy during your exercise routines cannot be over emphasized.


When thinking about your pre-workout food, think carbs. We know that carbs are often thought of as enemies when you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, but when you work out, you need a good mix of simple and complex carbs to keep you energized throughout your routine. You can always try one of those fancy pre-workout bars, but they often are lacking in taste and are expensive. For the same impact, try a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices.

The wheat and peanut butter give you a combination of both simple and complex carbs and protein, while the bananas have potassium which is a benefit during a sweat soaked workout. Another pre-workout food that will carry you through a workout while protecting your body is a banana smoothie. Bananas have been shown to be just as effective as a sports drink in replacing potassium and other essential electrolytes during a workout.


After a work out your body is in recovery mode and needs nutrient rich foods that will fill you up without making your feel bloated and overfed. For optimal results, try to eat a healthy meal between 30 and 60 minutes after a workout. Lean proteins are your body’s best friend for both post-workout and overall weight loss. Lean roasted or grilled chicken or salmon are both really packing in the lean protein department. They are also an easy dish for just about anyone to fix. Place the chicken or salmon in an aluminum foil packet with your favorite seasonings and a splash of olive oil, bake for 30 minutes and you have tasty and healthy fish or chicken.

Add your favorite steamed veggie for a super healthy meal. In a hurry and not time to cook? A healthy sandwich can also be a great post workout meal. Low sodium cold-cuts provide protein and salt for replenishing your body while the carbs of whole wheat bread increases fiber content. Add a slice of fresh tomato for a burst of vitamin C as well.

Knowing the importance of eating healthy during your exercise routines can help ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts while feeding your body the right foods.

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