How the Health Care Industry Has Changed Over the Last Decade


  One of the things that has changed the most in the last decade is the way that technology has helped health care professionals do their jobs more effectively. For example, more doctors today are using virtual appointment scheduling systems to line up patients in order. This also helps patients tremendously, especially if they have chronic conditions. It helps to lessen the commute back and forth to the doctor’s office, and makes getting seen by a physician much easier for routine checkups and appointments. Virtual appointment setting makes maintaining their health much less stressful.

   The way that the entire economy has been doing over the last ten years has also had huge effect on the health care industry, being that there were many folks who were recovering from America’s 2008 recession. It was a positive change for health care, because as people began to get their lives back together they would be able to work things like good health insurance into their monthly budgets. If the economy is doing well, then health care will be one of the first things to follow, because families need health insurance no matter what. It is one of the first things they will buy when they start making more money.

   Lastly, one of the best economic tools used in the last ten years as well as before that in health care are economic evaluations. These are used to compare programs for their costs and/or benefits. These types of evaluations include data about cost-effectiveness, and also analyzes cost utility analyses. This method has been used in the past to accomplish screening options for conditions such as diabetes, options for the diagnosis of diseases such as HIV, and for programs that conduct injury prevention training. Economic evaluations are usually coordinated by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention.



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