Digital Tools That Have Helped the Health Care Industry


 Technology has changed the way that doctors and health care professionals go about their daily routine. The internet has been one of the most helpful tools for communication throughout the health care facility. For example, when a doctor needs a nurse for some assistance, instead of calling her or him to the patient’s room on a loud hospital intercom system, the doctor may use apps to contact them if they are around the hospital but in a different department at the moment. If they have worked together for a while, they may even use walkie talkie apps to communicate, such as Voxer.

   The health care industry overall is doing much better in my opinion. Although many people doubted Obama Care and in the beginning, the public is now signing up more and more at the website. One of the reasons people doubted the system in the beginning is because it had some bugs in it when the website first went up. At the time, it was assumed that the high volume of people who needed health insurance made it a situation where everyone was trying to sign up for the website at the same time, and it was difficult to get going in the early stages. But it is working fine now.

   One of the best tools that is used today is the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), a national data source that comprises of surveys conducted on families and individuals and their health care providers. Studies carried out by (MEPS) essentially measure how Americans use and pay for medical care. This survey also provides information such as information related to health status, medical service utilization, and how satisfied patients are with the services. This tool is a valuable resource for the government because it delivers timely information regarding the household, the medical provider and the insurance groups.



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