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Work and routine go hand in hand with each other. Finding the best time to exercise while also working a full time job can be hard for many people. The work day can often last anywhere from six to eight hour a day. Not to mention having to commute from home to work, running errands, paying bills, and the other things that have to be taken care of throughout the week.

How Do You Find Time to Work Out?

Finding the time to exercise and start with a routine can take some creative planning and knowing your schedule. The first thing to do is to know the days where do have extra time to spare. This can also mean making time to spend the extra to exercise. This can include planning the week out with meals, getting certain errands done ahead of time, and other small factors.

Once you have a set time you can set aside for working out, you can begin to find your routine. The routine you choose can include different workouts during different days of the week. One example is taking Tuesday to take a walk or run in the morning, Wednesday can be lifting, and Friday could be yoga.

How Do You Stick to a Workout Routine?

The recommended time for working out at a minimum is three times a week for an hour at a time. Sticking to a workout routine can be hard in the beginning since people are not used to it at the start. There are many options for making a workout routine that matches your schedule without feeling like you have to force yourself to do it.

The key is to making it a habit. People are habitual creatures and it can take up to four weeks for a habit to start to take effect. Work out routines can vary from person to person, but they can be moved around to fit a schedule. Work out routines can be done throughout the day where someone may work out for an hour in the morning before heading to work. There are other people who head to the gym right after work to complete their workout.

Writing down reminders for when you need to work out can be a good way to keep yourself on track too. The other option is to work yourself up to working out throughout the week too. One of the best recommendations is to work out for half an hour throughout the week. Experiment for the first couple of weeks to see what works for you and then start working for longer. This can be in increments of ten to fifteen minutes until you’ve worked yourself up to an hour. Setting out a workout routine is much easier than people realize.

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