Three Dessert Recipes That Don’t Shoot On The Calories


Come on ladies! there is no denying the fact that we all love to eat desserts. Wrapped in cream, baked to perfection, with the right mix of fondue, these soft cushions to the tongue are what we crave for on a daily basis. However, we cannot give these cravings the chance to make the most out of our cravings because; desserts though sweet and toothsome are unhealthy and contain a lot of calories. A negligent decision can affect your butt during the bikini season. Don’t worry as there are mouthwatering desserts that you can cook, which are low in calorie and healthy for your hair too.

Caramel Cream Cheese Custard also known as a flan can be made with reduced fat cheese and flavors of any fruit. A Puerto Rico specialty, this dessert is very low on fat, yet tastes wonderfully soothing and soft. The best feature of this custard is its smooth texture and the level of sweetness.

Baked apple filled with oatmeal is a vegetarian dessert that can subdue your cravings for sweet. Making this recipe at home is very easy and it requires only a few items. Apples and oatmeal are great healthy choices. They boost your hair and add proper nutrition to the body without increasing the fat.

Everybody loves eating tarts, so why not use these tarts to fulfill your desire to have some mouthwatering desserts. Apple cranberry tarts are a great choice. Apple is healthy and filling, cranberry tastes very good. So, when you combine both of them together you get a delicious tart filled with richness and no fat. Apple cranberry tarts are easy to make and takes only 1 hour in total to cook.

If you are feeling those cravings calling you, it is time to bring out the cook in you and bake these delicious desserts.


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