Check For These Early Signs Of Osteoporosis


Ageing is inevitable and dreaded. There is nothing as heart wrenching as your youth getting culled while you stand as a helpless bystander. When we aren’t aware of the signs of ageing on our skin, noting ageing bones is a far cry. Bone density is a direct test of bone health. The only time, we women consider getting a test done is after menopause. It might come as a shock when you realize that ageing starts well before the signs of menopause appear. There are many subtle signs of osteoporosis, of which:

  1. Weaker grip: with age brittle bones is obvious. The surest way of avoiding a break is by watching your step for which balance and muscle strength is vital. A sure test of bone density in older women is the grip test. Weaker grip is an indication of weaker bones. Do not lose hope grip can be improved by certain exercises.

2. Gums: receding gums is very common in old women. A main cause for which is loss in bone density. Teeth is connected to the jaw, when the jaw wears out, teeth is pulled back. A standard x-ray when you visit your dentist next will be beneficial in determining your jaw health.

3. Brittle finger nails: a sign of calcium deficiency. Calcium is the main component in bones. Stronger the bones, stronger the nails. Research validates the same. Nails can turn weak when your hands are constantly exposed to water or exposed to harsh chemicals as a part of your profession or hobby like gardening.  A nail assessment offers a peak into bone strength.

4. Loss of height: if you feel that you are shrinking in terms of height you need to get your bones tested. Poor posture can accelerate bone density loss or weakening of muscles that surround and support the spinal tissue.



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