These Scientific Reasons will Motivate you to Start Meditating


Meditation is said to have all kinds of effect on the human body and mind. It is said to help increase the physical and mental health of the people who practices it daily or regularly. But there is strong feeling that most of these benefits are deduced on the basis of hunches and assumptions rather than backed by any scientific data. Here we shall list out some of the benefits of yoga that has been scientifically proven.

1) Helps reduce depression

One of the biggest benefits of practicing meditation is its hand in reducing stress levels of the body. Studies conducted have shown that people suffering depression and anxiety that practiced meditation showed a good decrease in their anxiety and stress level after six months.

2) Regulating mood and anxiety disorders

It6 has already been proven that meditation decreases anxiety and stress levels. But it is also found that people suffering from such disorders can regulate their mood swings and anxiety by practicing meditation rather than increasing their medicine dosage.

3) Increase grey mater

Grey matter is associated with the intelligence in human brain. Studies have shown that regular meditation helps in a significant increase in the grey matter making us smarter. The memory and learning parts of the brain saw an increase in activity.

4) Helps in insomnia

Another proven fact is that meditation helps us sleep better. It decreases fatigue in us by reducing stress and improves the condition for a good sleep. It has been found that meditation actually decreases the body’s need for sleep by making it energetic and healthier.

5) Helps in decreasing substance abuse

Meditation helps us adopt a healthier way of living. It is shown that meditation significantly helped people in giving up unhealthy habits such as alcohol and smoking.


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