Five Ways to Promote Wellness at Work


Wellness at work is important to get the maximum output from the employees without over burdening them.

1) Preventive care

Encouraging and providing vaccinations to your employees is an investment towards a healthy manpower. When your employees are not suffering from the flu, they avoid missing workdays, if not weeks. So in order to bring wellness to the workplace consider offering on site vaccination.

2) Encouraging exercise

Exercise is very important for a healthy body and mind, having a desk job deprives most of us having any real exercise. Providing gym facilities or providing discounts at a local gym is a good way to encourage exercise. Providing shower facilities and changing rooms can help employees who want to workout during lunch hours. Encouraging the employees to use the stairs is a sure shot way of getting some exercise into their daily routine.

3) Fitness education

Organizing seminars and talks by fitness experts on the importance and tips for a healthy lifestyle is a great way to encourage wellness among employees. Including a wide array of day to day activities such as cooking healthy, yoga, aerobics and stress management in the talks is necessary. Try to provide such classes in the office campus where employees can get together and indulge in fitness activities, this has an added advantage of employees becoming cooperative.

4) Healthy cafeteria

When we involve ourselves in hard work, naturally we tend to get hungry and the need for a quick bite is necessary. Providing a cafeteria with healthy food options can promote eating healthy among employees. With a full stomach the employees can keep maintaining high work output throughout the day.

5) Mental health

It is important to keep a check on the mental health of the employees, stress and tension leads to inefficiency in work, dissatisfaction and affects the health. Provide time to time stress management help and also day off from work.


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