Negative Effects of Dairy


As long as we can remember, many people have been urging the population to drink milk because its “healthy” for you. Doctors recommend it, and we can’t forget about the whole “Got Milk” campaign; so it would seem that drinking milk is a good thing to do. However, take a moment and think: have you seen a “Got Milk” advertisement recently? If your memory is accurate, you should be answering no because they haven’t run them in a few years now. But as of late and especially with the popularity of vegan diets increasing, the evidence that drinking cow’s milk and eating other dairy products may not be the healthiest thing to do.

Take a moment and just reflect on what cow’s milk is essentially; it is the cow version of breast milk. We as humans are the only mammal species who still drink milk regularly into adulthood and even stranger- milk from another species. Even more strange is that we don’t see the correlation between us drinking cow’s milk, intended to turn a ninety pound animal into a two thousand pound animal, and the skyrocketing levels of obesity amongst the population.

In an article by Adam Brookover, he discusses a few of the negative effects of consuming dairy products such as its suspicion to be a cause or contributing factor to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. How many people have been affected in those ways already? How do we even know how they got those issues? Unfortunately there’s no way to possibly know a definite reason, but it can be onset by multiple variables. In an article by Vivian Goldschmidt, she indicates that cow’s milk increases calcium loss in bone and that the countries that have the lowest dairy consumption also have the lowest fracture incidences in their population. So much for the idea that dairy makes your bones strong.

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